March 1, 2012: Rep. Louis Gomert (R-TX) tribute on House floor to Andrew

  An extremely touching and fitting tribute to Andrew a few hours after he passed, by one of the few sane members of our House of Representatives.     Advertisements

May 5, 2009 interview with Peter Robinson, Hoover Institution

  This is a particularly terrific interview (31:30), in large part because of the focused, Charlie Rose-type setting, and there was no time pressure normally imposed to get everything in between the commercial breaks.  For those who don’t know, Peter Robinson was a speech writer for President Reagan, and penned the famous speech that contained […]

Andrew’s friends and colleagues remember him

  The start of a compilation of videos and statements made in the hours and days after Andrew’s passing, by those who were closest to him:   Dana Loesch, Editor of Big Journalism, on Piers Morgan   The gang at “Red Eye” and guests reflect on the many facets of Andrew – the funny, the […]