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Gavin McInnes on the one word that made Andrew so different, and special: “So?”

  In this poignant and insightful tribute, Andrew’s friend Gavin McInnes describes an off-hand incident with him that has the capacity to change a lot of people’s thinking, and presumptions – and spurred a project to raise money for his widow and children. Obit Andrew Breitbart: 1969-2012 by Gavin McInnes It’s stressful to be hated. […]

March 1, 2012: Andrew’s friends at PJTV reflect on his life and work

  (Copy from PJTV channel): PJTV’s Roger L. Simon, Bill Whittle, Lionel Chetwynd and Stephen Kruiser remember the energy and impact of the great Andrew Breitbart. From his internet savvy, to his willingness to battle ACORN and the left, Andrew Breitbart will be greatly missed by the PJ Media community.    

March 1, 2012: Rep. Louis Gomert (R-TX) tribute on House floor to Andrew

  An extremely touching and fitting tribute to Andrew a few hours after he passed, by one of the few sane members of our House of Representatives.    

Caroline Glick’s tribute to Andrew

  Those who knew Andrew more than likely know the inimitable Caroline Glick – journalist, commentator, satirist and stalwart defender of Israel, Jews and liberty.  Here is her touching tribute to Andrew, from the perspective of one who knows the dangers that Israel faces better than pretty much anyone else, and struggles to educate others: […]

Andrew’s friends and colleagues remember him

  The start of a compilation of videos and statements made in the hours and days after Andrew’s passing, by those who were closest to him:   Dana Loesch, Editor of Big Journalism, on Piers Morgan   The gang at “Red Eye” and guests reflect on the many facets of Andrew – the funny, the […]