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Videos from 2011

[A work in progress]

June 9, 2011: Book signing at Newport Beach, CA (33:25)

This speech happened shortly after “Weinergate,” which he describes in detail — and the fact that step by step, the “Democrat-Media Complex” lied about him in order to try to protect Rep. Weiner.  At 4:00, Andrew also describes how he got a big personal endorsement from Gen. Tommy Franks.

June 17, 2011: Right On Line conference, Minneapolis Minnesota (30:00)

One of the best speeches Andrew gave (IMHO). Among the many topics he discusses:

  • How he became a “default, factory-setting liberal”
  • His discovery and acceptance of the massive corruption of, and collusion between the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media (the “Democrat-Media Complex”)
  • James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles delivering to him the finished ACORN videos
  • The Netroots kicking him out of their nearby conference a few hours earlier

(x) August 3rd, 2011 at the Hollywood Congress of Republicans (56:30)

Summarized from here: Andrew Breitbart spent the evening with the Hollywood Congress of Republicans. He discussed what is going on in the world of politics & the evil MSM, the recent budget battle, the ongoing insanity of those on the left, exposed the hypocrisy of the liberal MSM, and solidly defended the Tea Party movement.


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