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The Tea Party

When all is written about the Tea Party, no name will rank higher in terms of being one of its Founding Fathers, and its most ardent defenders, than Andrew Breitbart.  For all practical purposes, Andrew was the Tea Party – the living embodiment of all it stood for and aspired to, in one person.

This page is dedicated to showcasing some of Andrew’s most memorable appearances at Tea Party events, and the most pivotal things he said about it.  May we all use his words and inspiration to carry the Tea Party forward, atop his spiritual shoulders.

Michael Prell’s 2010 interview with Andrew for “Underdogma”

Prell is the fascinating author of “Underdogma: How America’s Enemies Use Our Love for the Underdog to Trash American Power.”  As Prell describes it, moments after he emailed Andrew to request his thoughts on the subject of the book during his research phase, Andrew enthusiastically replied, and gave this interview shortly thereafter:

March 22, 2010: Andrew demolishing the lie about the “N”-word being hurled at black Congressmen in March 2010, on “Hannity”

Never before was Andrew’s principled passion more sorely needed, or more effective, than when he held several Congressmen to account for their allegations that Tea Party members hurled the “N” word at them dozens of times as they walked across the Capitol. As Andrew could have predicted before they uttered this inflammatory lie, the “Democrat-Media Complex” as he called it assumed it was true, and reported it as having happened, even though there was not a shred of evidence. Andrew went ballistic, and even offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who could produce video or audio that it happened. Watch an American patriot in action:

March 27, 2010: Andrew continues exposing the Democrat-Media Complex’s big lie regarding Tea Party “racism,” at anti-Reid rally in Searchlight, NV

A few more days gave Andrew even more confidence with which to approach this shameful act by the Democrat-Media Complex. He was on fire:


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