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The Hollywood left

“Hollywood Infidel,”
by Spencer Morgan, The New York Observer, September 8, 2008

As I describe here, I first became aware of Andrew sometime in the latter part of 2008, as he began to do interviews on radio and in print regarding the upcoming debut of his first blog site, “Big Hollywood,”  which he was creating to help lure tinseltown’s conservatives out of the closet and make their voices known on the issues of the day.  I was absolutely intrigued. Here was a man who started off as a Southern California liberal, became a conservative, and began giving voice to those concerned about Hollywood’s role in the degradation and coarsening of our culture, while embracing demonstrably destructive ideas with an air of smug superiority.

It was soon after my discovery of this fresh new voice – perhaps through this in-depth interview at the time – that I was first put in contact with Andrew via a mutual friend. And it was on the basis of that initial conversation that he became a long-distance friend, with whom I hoped to work one day, to leverage and merge the full potential of our respective skills.

An excerpt from this fascinating article:

[T]hat’s what it feels like in L.A. They don’t even want to listen to you, they don’t even want to have a conversation about a single – they’re uninteresting! They’re so uninteresting. I’m telling you if you were ever to go to a dinner party with some of these people, and trust me I’ve been there with the best of the best, the degree to which they’re uninteresting would shock the average American. It’s like they’ve scanned the DailyKos, they’ve gotten their conspiracy theory – I mean they’re the new conservatives” – he chuckled – “they really are.”

Awhile back there had been a dinner party at Arianna’s house. Meg Ryan, John Cusak, Nora Ephoron and David Geffen were there. Mr. Geffen had recently seen a documentary about Walmart. He was aghast at what an “atrocious” company it was.

“I guarantee you he has not applied his philosophy, his hatred towards a policy of ‘we won’t sell our stuff at Walmart because they don’t pay their employees $16.95 an hour or allow for unions.

“They throw around the term reactionary so lightly. But they’re the most reactionary people in the world – I’m telling you if I were single, I’m so cynical and I’m like the typical guy, if any of them were just lying there like the Maggie Gyllenhaals of the world, I wouldn’t. I’m like, ‘No!’ It would almost disgust me, because they couldn’t be more uninteresting if they tried.

Read the rest here.


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