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Caroline Glick’s tribute to Andrew


Those who knew Andrew more than likely know the inimitable Caroline Glick – journalist, commentator, satirist and stalwart defender of Israel, Jews and liberty.  Here is her touching tribute to Andrew, from the perspective of one who knows the dangers that Israel faces better than pretty much anyone else, and struggles to educate others:

I just read the horrible news that Andrew Breitbart has died. I send from Jerusalem my heartfelt condolences to his widow and children.

I watched Andrew’s speech at CPAC on YouTube and have to admit that I thought he didn’t look well. He had put on some extra weight and to my eye seemed a bit short of breath. After watching, I found myself concerned that he may have a heart problem.

And I was concerned. Because Andrew was the sort of person we can’t afford to lose. He was an unapologetic political warrior. He was a conservative, American patriot and friend of liberty everywhere. He was also a big friend of Israel.

I met Andrew two or three times over the years and each meeting was a pleasure. His no nonsense, “let’s get straight to business,” attitude was a breath of fresh air in a world where we are more judged by how polite we are than what we actually do. He knew who I am and I knew who he was and so each of our conversations went immediately to the point, whatever it was.

Andrew understood the truth that eludes so many conservatives in the US and Israel. That truth — that if you want to win in politics you have to be good to your friends and bad to your enemies — is what motivated his every move. He understood that right wingers never win any points for their side by trying to ingratiate themselves with the Left. The Left believes its job is to defeat and destroy the Right and will pocket any concessions the Right makes and use them as a means to divide and conquer their enemies.

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